A Little Longer

This message came to me while waiting for someone since few minutes to six ‘o’ clock till past seven. I like keeping to time, I don’t like delaying people, so I hate getting delayed, and I don’t like wasting time. Like getting things over with as fast as possible and of course diligently. I’m really […]

Little Things

On my way to work yesterday, I noticed the cab I entered got filled almost immediately as I was stepping inside. No rush, nothing, it was like we all planned to enter at once. I noticed but I wasn’t reading too much into it. My spirit told me to write something about it but I […]


As we go through life we would see, there is so much that we don’t understand. As we go through life, we would see, we never stop learning as many things will keep pointing us to learn new things if we are sensitive enough to observe. We can learn in any area of life, even […]

Feeling Used?

“Most men do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply” Stephen R. Covey “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive” Most of the time we feel used. We get so used to some people and at one point in time they pull the […]

That’s Who HE Is!

God won’t stay in your life without leaving a trace/He is willing to make you run with pace/You will do things and some will think you dey craze/They will even talk when you are wearing the latest lace/When clearly nothing is working for you but His Grace/He will hold you so close in warm embrace/And […]

Your Effect.

Special, that’s what to me you are/You filled my heart and soul with care/With you, there’s nobody I couldn’t dare/You gave me courage to know no fear/I could rip open my heart for you dear/You wouldn’t even find a single tear/’cos you love me more like a lady love her teddy bear/I am racing right […]

More Than You Know

When my arms seem far away to reach/Your thoughts in me it teach/That you are far better than peach/I lose sometimes my way/Your love is there in the day/Having you is my greatest asset/You play in me finer than a cassette/You inspire in me a new song/I sing about your sweetness all day long/I know […]

Absolutely Nothing.

This life is full of surprises, but nothing surprises me anymore. It’s hard trusting people, but I always respect people’s decisions. Someone asked me how sure I was when I said nothing surprises me anymore. Why should I be surprised when I expect nothing from ‘humans’ or things except the worst? That’s not to say […]

What Motivates You?

What motivates you? Often times we get so disappointed when a friend hurt us and the only reaction we lean on is to sometimes cut them off so the pain can be less bearable. The question is, what motivates you to be their friend in the first place? Value? Ability to not hurt you? Mutual […]


You are who you think you are. It’s all in your mind. Mindset matters. There was this picture cartoon i saw few months back and it inspires a lot anytime i remember. Two friends were talking, and one friend said: “For example, you are poor…” The other friend retorted and said: “I can never be […]

Marriage 2.0?

A newly married man wrote this to a computer *Data Analyst* Dear Data Analyst I am desperate for some help! I recently upgraded my program from *Girlfriend 7.0* to *Wife 1.0* following acceptance of the oath from the KJV Bible Instruction Manual and found that the new *Wife 1.0* program began unexpected Child Processing? *Wife […]

Don’t Confuse Them

Most people confuse being famous to being relevant. You can be famous and be less impactful but once you are impactful, you will be famous. We tend to twist it the other way round. Being famous will only make your impact stronger if you let it. Being famous is a platform to target more people, […]

Dear Self.

I was listening to Pastor Akinyemi Davids, and he said we should always value ourselves. He even went as far as saying we should write a love note to ourself. Here is mine, you should too because nobody knows you better than you know yourself, except the person is God. 😂. Dear Olawale Adeniyi Oluwaseun […]

Take Your Place.

How can you be ordinary When you have the breath of God inside you How can you be secondary When Christ died for you He daily makes intercession for you And you have so many promises yet unclaimed You have heights so high yet unattained You have His love always to keep you sustained Open […]

Stretch Again!

I watched this movie a long time ago and it still hurts i can’t remember the title. There was this football player who felt he wasn’t good enough. He played American football, the oval sized shaped ball that they kick, hold and run with while they aim to cross over the line. We call it […]